Kent City Plastics

About Kent City Plastics

Kent City Plastics is a west Michigan based, niche producer of plastic blow molded, injection molded, and lost-core molded products for a variety of markets including industrial, agriculture, recreation, automotive, and packaging. This, along with our tool design expertise, program management support, and Quality Management System have positioned us as a Solutions Oriented supply partner for nearly 20 years.

    • “60,000 sq ft of manufacturing space along with up to 75,000 sq ft of additional warehouse space
    • ISO 2001:2015 Quality Management System Certified
    • Mold Design and Engineering service expertise

KCP Capabilities

Design Engineering

Kent City Plastics’ foundation goes back to building injection mold tooling in the 90’s and has carried forward to their expertise today in assisting with Design for Manufacturability, resin selection, and tool design for both blow moldings and injection moldings.  Their engineering team has over 60 years of experience with CAD design, tool design, and assembly systems design and is supported with the latest in software for engineering that includes Cimatron E 14.0 Design software.  Typical CAD formats include iges, .stp, Parasolid, and .x_t

KCP Capabilities


Kent City Plastics provides a wide range of specialized blow molding manufacturing. If you are looking for a component that is made of plastic with a formed hollow part, then Kent City Plastics is the place to go for your design and manufacturing.  KCP can work with Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Blow Molding. Examples of these products are: containers, tanks, cover boots, air ducts and much more. Kent City Plastics can blow mold products in ABS, TPE, HDPE, PP, LLDPE, LDPE and HMW-HDPE plastics and can incorporate molding in metal or plastic inserts. Our equipment can produce products weighing from 30oz to 128oz.

KCP Capabilities


Kent City Plastics injection molds a wide range of thermoplastic, engineered resins on presses ranging from 85T to 500T.  These resins include elastomers like TPV’s and TPU’s, glass-filled nylon’s and polypropylene for applications in the industrial, transportation, recreational, and agricultural markets. In addition, Kent City Plastics employs a very unique technology called “Lost Core” molding which is a process that allows for the molding of hollow plastic parts with complicated interior designed details in one molded product.  With typical applications like pump impellers, manifold tubes, and high-end bicycle wheels, they are using engineered resins like PVDF, PTFE, and carbon fiber composites to produce complex geometries for their OEM customers.