KCP Capabilities

BLOW Molding

Kent City Plastics provides a wide range of specialized blow molding manufacturing capabilities.  If you are looking to manufacture or create a product that is made of plastic with a formed hollow part then Kent City Plastics is the place to go for design, tooling and manufacturing. Examples of these products are: containers, tanks, cover boots, air ducts and much more. Kent City Plastics can blow mold products in ABS, TPE, HDPE, PP, LLDPE, LDPE and HMW-HDPE plastics, and can incorporate molding in metal or plastic inserts. Our equipment can produce products weighing from 10 oz. to 20 lbs.

The industries that we specialize in for blow molding are: Recreational Vehicles, Sports Equipment, Automotive and Residential Home Products.

Kent City Plastics will operate machinery and staffing 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for your product volume needs. Small or multi-million production runs are always operated with the same high level of quality so every part is manufactured to your design requirements. Delivering high quality parts on time is backed by providing fast setups and sample test runs that rival any competitor. Our performance is possible by producing high-quality tools and molds. Our rapid and repeatable setup performance is possible through detailed process control charts and a strong quality control.

In addition, Kent City Plastics offers secondary processes that include: in-line welding, routing, trimming, drilling and assembly. Our assembly capabilities include manual, semi-automated and fully-automated work stations.

Our blow molding services all add up to a manufacturing process that is highly efficient, lean and dependable.

MakeSetupShot SizePlaten Size
SterlingSingle Head20 lb48" X 58"
SterlingSingle Head8 lb36" X 48"
SterlingDual Head3 lb33" X 38"
IMPCO B30Single Head5 lb24" X 26"
IMPCO B30Single Head5 lb24" X 24"
IMPCO B24Single Head3 lb19" X 20"