KCP Capabilities

Injection Molding

KCP’s design and engineering teams will support your product development by providing expertise and many years of experience helping you optimize the design, tooling and the plastic materials that should be used in the product to minimize cost and maximize performance. Raw materials used are: TPE, ABS, Acetal, Nylons, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC and PEEK to manufacture plastic or rubber products. If you would like to talk about specific materials, or about materials not listed above, then you can contact an expert below.

In addition, KCP offers secondary processes that include: in-line welding, trimming, drilling and assembly. Our assembly capabilities include manual, semi-automated and fully-automated work stations.

Our injection molding services all add up to a manufacturing process that is highly efficient, lean and dependable.

MakeSetupTonnageShot SizePlaten Size
CincinnatiHorizontal85 Ton5oz Shot26" x 26"
BattenfeldHorizontal88 Ton5oz Shot26" x 26"
CincinnatiHorizontal170 Ton8.4oz Shot29" x 29"
Van DornHorizontal230 Ton14oz Shot32" x 32"
CincinnatiHorizontal300 Ton21oz Shot36" x 36"
CincinnatiHorizontal375 Ton70oz Shot39" x 39"
CincinnatiHorizontal500 Ton70oz Shot47" x 47"
CincinnatiVertical250 Ton13oz Shot72" Rotary table