Kent City Plstics Capabilities

Lost Core Molding

Kent City Plastics provides a very unique service called “Lost Core” molding which is a process that allows for the molding of hollow plastic parts with intricate interior design details in one molded product. This process requires highly-skilled designers and specialized equipment to build a one-piece part. An excellent product example and application is that of a one-piece pump impeller for use in chemical plants to move corrosive, high-temperature fluids throughout the plant. This one-piece product provides for superior strength and reliability with lower operational costs. Our design process allows for insert over-molding an alloy core with PFA material. Once the molding is complete we remove the alloy core with a special melt process leaving the hollow pump impeller.

If your company is looking for a solution in manufacturing pumping components for fluids of any kind, we have a solution for you. For example, we can manufacture intake manifolds, tubing and other components that have complex internal designs in a single molded product.

Lost Core Equipment:
Electrovert Dual piston Core Casting Machine.